January 26 2018
LIFE Programme: Simplification of Submission and Selection Procedure
LIFE Programme for environment protection

LIFE, the EU’s financial instrument supporting environmental, nature conservation and climate action projects throughout the EU, has decided to simplify its Submission and Selection Procedure methodology.


It is now testing a two-stage approach, under the Environment Sub-Programme, that gives applicants the opportunity to submit a much shorter proposal during the first stage in the form of a concept note (around 10 pages in length), thus saving time and reducing initial costs. In the two-stage approach, only applicants with proposals that have a high chance to be selected will be required to submit a full proposal.


Adding to this, your National Contact Point – “Cyprus Capacity Building for LIFE – Cyclamen” LIFE14 CAP/CY/000006 – has proceeded with the recruitment of four experts in an effort to empower the LIFE Cyclamen team and provide support to applicants in Cyprus. More specifically, the LIFE Cyclamen team can help applicants with:

  • Support during submission
  • Counseling during a project’s lifetime
  • One-to-One guidance and consultation
  • Workshops and seminars
  • Networking
  • Partner Search


To find out more about the LIFE Programme and how you can be eligible for a LIFE Grant click here or call 22408926.