May 18 2018
How-to-write workshop and LIFE Programme 26 years Celebration
How-to-write workshop LIFE Programme 2018

We had a full house at the How-to-write workshop organised in Nicosia on Wednesday May 16th. See below some highlights from the day.


Mr Solon Mias (EASME) gave us the basic guidelines for writing a successful proposal, such as:

  • Start working early!!!
  • Clearly describe & quantify the problem
  • Quantify the expected benefits of your project
  • Explain how the results will be sustainable
  • Explain the technical process of your solution


Mr Elias Demian (NEEMO) shared with us lessons learnt from past LIFE Projects regarding project management. Some points raised were:

  • It’s important to know who does what in a project
  • Avoid complex structures. Simple is functional
  • Have somebody independent proof-read your proposal for clarity of the actions
  • Allocate time realistically and plan for possible delays


Dr Konstantinos Moustakas shared with us the LIFE Project success stories of the Unit of Environmental Science & Technology, National Technical University of Athens. He also gave us some practical tips and suggestions for writing a winning proposal.


Participants also had the opportunity to see step by step how they need to fill in their proposal on the electronic platform and what pitfalls to avoid.


For the presentations of the workshop, click below.

1. The role of the National Contact Point2. Basic guidelines for a successful LIFE proposal 3. Nature and Biodiversity4. Environment and Resource Efficiency 5. Climate Action 6. Financial Elements of LIFE proposals 7. Knowledge sharing 8. Project Management Common Mistakes


If you haven’t made it to the workshop, but would like to have a meeting with our team contact us today.