April 15 2019
Presenting the LIFE Programme at CLIMATICO 2019 Conference
LIFE Cyclamen at Climatico 2019

Our Team had the opportunity to present the LIFE Programme at the CLIMATICO 2019 International Conference, which took place on April 11th and 12th in Limassol.


The aim of the conference was to showcase the advances in science and technology, driven by the Paris Climate Change Agreement, with special focus on agricultural, food and health aspects of climate change impacts in the Mediterranean region.


The conference brought together leading scientists, policy makers and entrepreneurs, who engaged into discussions towards a sustainable and climate safe development of the Mediterranean region.


During the conference we had the opportunity to give a presentation on the LIFE Programme, the two Sub-Programmes and their thematic priorities based on the Multiannual Action Programme for 2018-2020. In addition, we gave examples of past and current LIFE Projects in Cyprus. We also presented the LIFE Cyclamen Team (created under the Cyprus Capacity Building LIFE Project) and highlighted the different services we offer to applicants, as well as to ongoing or past projects.


Moreover, we presented our own poster, which described the LIFE Programme, the LIFE Cyclamen Project and the services we offer as a National Contact Point (NCP) to potential applicants and LIFE beneficiaries.


The conference was organised under the Organiko Life+ Project. The ultimate goal of the project was to demonstrate the comparative advantages of organic versus conventional farming and products using the following indicators:

  • Mitigation efficiency to climate change
  • Agronomic and environmental quality
  • Decreased body burden of children to diet-based pesticides, and
  • Healthy food promotion for the better health of children.



The LIFE Cyclamen poster at CLIMATICO 2019 Conference

The LIFE Cyclamen poster at CLIMATICO 2019 Conference