March 29 2019
Workshop “How-to-write a LIFE Proposal”
How to write a LIFE Proposal Workshop 2019

The LIFE Cyclamen team is organising a Workshop on “How-to-write a LIFE Proposal”, on Tuesday May 7th 2019, at Semeli Hotel in Nicosia.




The purpose of this workshop is to explain how the LIFE Programme works, starting from the very beginning with the Call of Proposals until the submission of Proposals and their assessment. In addition, it aims to provide guidance to participants through the experience of the National Contact Point (NCP).


You can find more information on the content of the Workshop by viewing the Agenda: Workshop How-to-write a LIFE Proposal 2019. To note, that our workshop will be in Greek.




With the completion of this Workshop participants will be able to:

  • Understand the way a LIFE Proposal is submitted and know the different deadlines
  • Understand the award criteria
  • Incorporate the award criteria in their Proposal
  • Recognise the importance of EU Added Value
  • Include in their consortium partners with relevant experience and know-how
  • Distinguish the difference between stakeholders and target audience
  • Identify the expected risks and limitations


Who can participate


This Workshop is part of a series of Workshops organised under the LIFE Cyclamen Project for the informing of current and possible beneficiaries of the LIFE Programme. It is designed for individuals with previous LIFE experience and / or basic knowledge around the LIFE Programme.




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You can view the presentations here.