March 12 2019
2019 LIFE Info Days
LIFE Programme Info Days 2019 in Cyprus

The Cyclamen team is organising, for yet another year, a series of LIFE Info Days in different parts of Cyprus. Our Info Days are planned as follows:


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What will be covered


The Info Days aim to showcase how timely and correct informing can lead Organisations and Public or Private Bodies to well-designed LIFE Proposals with greater chances of success in the submission phase. Practical examples will further assist participants in understanding the theory around the LIFE Programme.


At the end of each Info Day participants will be able to:

  • Understand the LIFE Programme, its structure and the general rules of participation
  • Focus on the thematic priorities that interest them
  • Understand the selection criteria
  • Understand the use of the e-proposal platform used to submit a LIFE Proposal
  • Have useful and practical advice for the preparation of a successful LIFE Proposal


You can find out more information about each Info Day by viewing the related agendas above. Our Info Days will be in Greek, but English translation will be offered to non-Greek speakers at the Nicosia event.


Who can participate


The 2019 LIFE Info Days are organised under the LIFE Cyclamen Project for the informing of current and possible beneficiaries of the LIFE Programme. Our Info Days are designed for individuals with little or no experience with the LIFE Programme, as well as for organisations, Private and Public Bodies with extensive experience with the LIFE Programme, which aim to apply for a LIFE subsidy in the near future.




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