February 23 2021
4th Open Call: Apply for a subsidy to attend an EU event!
4th Open Call

We would like to inform you that the LIFE National Contact Point, under the Project CAP LIFE14/CY/000006 Cyclamen Capacity Building, invite interested parties to request a subsidy for participating in an online EU event (conference, workshop, seminar, networking event, etc.) about the environment and climate change.


The aim of this initiative is to encourage the submission of new proposals under the LIFE Programme, as well as to facilitate the exchange of experience and best practices with other EU Member States, with the purpose of enhancing the diffusion of project results at national and EU level, so as to boost potential reproducibility.


The subsidy


The Project subsidises the participation of one person per institution/organisation for participating in an online event organised by an EU Member State and will cover registration fee (maximum €300 per person). The selected event should take place by the end of October 2021, the latest.


Requests for participation


Eligible bodies to apply for this funding are: Cypriot entities that have already benefited or are benefiting from the LIFE Programme, as well as Cypriot bodies interested in submitting a proposal under the 2021 LIFE Call and which wish to attend an EU event.


Interested parties should submit a request that includes:

  • Profile of eligible body
  • Experience with the LIFE Programme
  • Event description in relation to LIFE (relevance to the priorities of the LIFE Programme)
  • Reasons for participating (new proposal, networking, dissemination) and expected benefits in relation to the LIFE Programme.


Click here to request the subsidy by March 19th.


In order to receive their subsidy, the participants should, upon their return, submit a brief report on their participation to the event, attaching the original invoices or receipts.


The report for each participant will contain:

  • A short presentation of the benefits gained from the event
  • A brief description of the idea and how it benefited from the event participation, as well as the next steps for the new proposal (if applicable)
  • The benefits from the participation of ongoing or completed LIFE Project


In the case of Cypriot bodies interested in submitting a proposal under the 2021 LIFE Call, a follow-up meeting will be held with the LIFE Cyclamen Team for support and further discussion of the new proposal.


Note: The interested parties should have in mind the time required to receive the necessary permits before the event.


Selection criteria


The selection will be based on the following criteria:

  • A brief description of the idea that will be submitted in LIFE Programme
  • Proven maturity stage of an idea /LIFE Proposal
  • Whether the Proposal falls within the priorities of the LIFE Programme
  • Whether the event falls within the priorities of the LIFE Programme
  • Benefits from the participation in relation with new idea or ongoing/completed project (find new partners, networking, dissemination, training, etc)


Priority will be given to institutions that plan to submit a LIFE Proposal related to the manufacturing industry (i.e. chemicals, plastics, etc), the tourism industry and blue economy (shipping, etc).


For any questions or clarifications email or call 22866234.